BOSTON – No one would ever accuse Logan Airport of being among the worst airports in the nation. As unfortunate as it can be at times, every airport has its down moments. And none of them are nearly as bad as some of the horror stories you hear coming out of LaGuardia Airport in New York and O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. And even though Logan is currently undergoing a ton of renovations for the next couple of years, they are still adding plenty of amenities to keep travelers in Boston as content as possible.

From adding different routes and expanding the number of airlines, Logan Airport is on top of the game right now. This latest addition is also a great one as Boston passengers will have more access to delicious food while they wait for their flights.

In the morning on Friday, Boston Public Market announced in a joint statement with Logan Airport that they would be opening a new location of the eatery this fall at the airport. They did not specify when in the fall it would open, but seeing as we are currently in the throes of the autumn until December 21, it is a safe bet that it is going to be quite soon.

Slated to be located in Terminal C, the new Boston Public Market will include shelves for snacks, a bar, and a salad station, as well as six different vendors spread across Terminal C in areas that have been under renovation for some time now.

Included in the Logan Airport iteration of the Boston Public Market will be a series of vendors that all sound equally incredible. How could anyone ever choose? Makes you almost hope for a layover.

There will be Beantown Pastrami, which focuses on pastrami dishes and produces many different kinds of sandwiches, Inna’s Kitchen, a location for soup and Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisine like shawarma, and Market Bagels, which is a glorified bagel shop. There will also be Mother Juice for vegan options and fruit smoothies, Noodle Lab for rice and ramen bowls, and Red’s Best for seafood options, including lobster.

Terminal C just became the must-visit terminal at Logan!

Photo by Talal Ahmad on Unsplash