BOSTON – Last week, the Houston Astros and the Tampa Bay Rays faced off in the final game of the divisional round matchups of the 2019 MLB post-season. With a do-or-die game five captivating a ton of tension to people tuning into the game, you could leave it to beloved Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz to loosen things up on the Fox Sports broadcast of the game.

While covering the ALDS game, fellow analyst and former professional slugger Frank Thomas departed the set for a little bit, which prompted Big Papi to take Thomas’ water bottle and empty it, replacing it with vodka instead. How Thomas did not smell the vodka when he took a big swig of it, I don’t know, but the reaction on his face when he realizes his drink has been swapped is absolutely priceless.

The video of the prank can be seen here, thanks to the official Fox Sports Facebook page sharing it. Of course, it has gone viral.

David Ortiz Sneaks Vodka Into Frank Thomas' Water

"Get the party started early!" ? Big Papi with a prank to loosen up Frank Thomas for the show today!

Posted by FOX Sports on Thursday, October 10, 2019

In terms of which Boston athlete turned Fox Sports analyst I would have expected to joke around with vodka this past week, I would have guessed it would be Rob Gronkowski, who helped anchor pre-game and halftime coverage of Thursday’s game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. Instead, it was Ortiz who got the “party started early.”

In a summer that was marred by David Ortiz being shot in the Dominican Republic, it is definitely awesome to see him goofing around and being himself again. Even though they are not competing, there is no denying that this is a win for the Boston Red Sox fans who are still tuning into the post-season.

As for the playoffs themselves, only four teams remain competitive for the 2019 World Series title. The Washington Nationals, the Houston Astros, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the New York Yankees. Personally, I’m pulling for the Nationals, but I would bet on the Astros to win it all. In terms of who is having the most fun? I would say that honor belongs to Big Papi himself.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Toasterb