BOSTON – Top of the Hub is one of the most well-known restaurants in all of Boston because of how it has always billed itself as the most romantic restaurant in the entire city. People are suckers for a cityscape view. Now, there is conclusive evidence that yes, Top of the Hub is indeed the most romantic restaurant for your fancy date night.

Top of the Hub is a restaurant that serves meals from brunch to dinner on the fifty-second floor of the iconic Prudential Center. So not only do you have a very fine dining experience with some delicious food to share with your significant other, but you also have some of the best views in the entire city. Not a bad spot to book a reservation.

Of course, reservations like these can be booked with OpenTable, which is also the service that gave the latest commemoration to Top of the Hub in the first place. This week, OpenTable published their list of the 50 best restaurants in the United States for dates and Top of the Hub was the only Massachusetts dining location to make the list. It was one of two in all of New England to make the list, alongside Gilbert's - Wood Fired Steaks & Seafood, which is located in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

So the most romantic dining experience in all of Boston now has some pretty hard logos to back up its claim. Who wouldn't want to eat here on a date? After all, dates can be pretty nerve-wracking as they are, so if you find a restaurant that could help alleviate some of your stress by assuring you that the food and the ambiance won't be a problem, then that seems like a restaurant to stick by.

Image via Flickr / osseous