BANGOR (Maine) – There have been plenty of seasons that Stephen King has dominated over the years, but perhaps no season has been more fruitful for one of the world's most acclaimed and successful authors than the autumn of 2019. Things got off to a rousing start this season when King made a cameo in It Chapter Two, the massively-lucrative and thrillingly-sinister sequel and final installment to the on-screen It series.

But it's not the only big screen turn for one of King's books this fall. Mike Flanagan and Ewan McGregor have teamed up for a sequel to The Shining, known as Doctor Sleep, and it comes out this November! Additionally, Netflix released an adaptation of In the Tall Grass at the start of October.

And now, if you want to keep getting your Stephen King on, there is going to be a brand new opportunity to do so!

On 47 West Broadway in Bangor, Maine, King's famed home stands in the town where he has derived much of the inspiration for his stories. Now, this Bangor home is slated to become a non-profit organization that allows for writers from all over to experience "the King of it all."

Thanks to an approval earlier this week by the city council of Bangor, King's home will become a non-profit wing of the King Family Foundation and it will also redevelop the zoning initiatives of the property.

This is happening because the home is going to be transformed into a complete archive of King's literary output. It will also serve as a writer's retreat for the literary traveler who wants to make a reservation.

If you are someone who is interested in staying in this home, I would be very careful of your behavior and mindful of your surroundings. I have experienced enough stories by King to know that an aspiring writer booking a retreat at the home of a famous horror author is the recipe for a psychological thriller that can only end in disaster. I mean, just look at Misery and The Shining! Both are stories about writers who type stories in unfamiliar places and things end up going really poorly for them. I would be wary of this offer because it sounds like King might just be on the hunt for a new book idea.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Jim Roberts