BOSTON – As a part of the multi-year renovation plan that is currently underway at Logan Airport, the process for ride-sharing app-based vehicles to pick up passengers is also changing soon. If you are coming into Boston via the friendly skies, but you do not have someone coming to pick you up, then you are going to want to learn all about the alterations to the Uber and Lyft system. After all, it begins in just six days!

Yes, beginning on October 28 and continuing its introductory phase all the way through to December, terminals A and C at Logan will see a new location for Uber and Lyft pick-ups after flights arrive at the airport. The plan was approved back in April as a part of a larger overhaul to the flow, communication, and convenience of Logan Airport.

Instead of departing the terminal and waiting on the curb for ride-sharing vehicles, passengers from Terminals A and C will now find their drivers waiting for them in a centralized, designated location inside of the Central Parking Garage on property.

This will be the only change until the second phase of the plan kicks off on November 4. On this date, passengers emanating from Terminals B and E will also be guided to a designated pick-up spot in the Central Parking Garage. From now until November 3, however, passengers from these terminals will continue being picked up from the curb outside of the airport as they have always done.

As for passengers who are simply being dropped off at the airport's terminals via Lyft or Uber, they will be able to use the same locations they have been using until November 11. At this point, the drop-off location will move from the upper terminal curb to the lower level terminal curb. On December 9, drop-offs will move to the Central Parking Garage location, as well, and the overall phase change of the ride-sharing ability at Logan will be complete. Drop-offs between the hours of four and ten in the morning will remain in the same location.

Additionally, a $3.25 drop-off fee will be instituted for Uber and Lyft passengers on December 9. If they decide to carpool with other ride-sharers, the fee will be just $1.50.

While the fees are obviously not great, the entire new system seems like a really great idea. The Central Parking Garage location is not a far walk from the terminals whatsoever and will maybe only take one hundred feet, depending on your specific pick-up or drop-off location. As someone who has used Logan Airport frequently, I constantly see Uber and Lyft drivers just waiting outside the terminal, clogging up the passageways and causing enormous wait times for everyone on the curb. Having a designated location seems like a great idea. We just have to see if Logan Airport will be able to properly advertise and implement the new procedures.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash